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Greek/Mediterranean Recipes
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Baba Ghanoush Calories: 70 Baba Ghanoush
Try eggplant in a new way with this Greek inspired dip. Serve with whole wheat pita triangles, whole grain crackers or fresh cut veggies.
Bouillabaisse Calories: 270 Bouillabaisse
If you're in the mood to impress - this is the recipe for you! Bouillabaisse is a popular Mediterranean fish stew that is heavenly!
Chickpea Dip Calories: 75 Chickpea Dip
This dip is easy and tasty enough to make for last minute guests. Plus, most of the ingredients are household staples! Serve with pita bread and veggies.
Chickpea Salad Calories: 164 Chickpea Salad
This recipe is so easy to make and is full of terrific flavors! Chickpeas lend a nice texture and roasted peppers add bold flavor. Enjoy this dish anytime!
Chickpeas And Spinach Calories: 199 Chickpeas And Spinach
Light and flavorful, this side dish adds nutrient-rich spinach and protein, fiber-rich beans to your meal.
Couscous Salad Calories: 438 Couscous Salad
Served with fresh spinach, this flavorful entree salad is packed with nutrition - without the fat!
Eggplant Linguine Calories: 380 Eggplant Linguine
The all veggie pasta is magnificent - it combines, baby eggplant, artichokes, tomatoes and olives. Serve with a side salad.
Fava Bean Salad Calories: 148 Fava Bean Salad
Fava beans are a great change of pace from peas or other beans. They taste great in this salad with onion, cucumber and a yogurt dressing.
Fish Soup Provencale Calories: 194 Fish Soup Provencale
White, tender fish combined with fennel, tomatoes and white wine make this soup absolutely delectable.
Greek Chicken Calories: 340 Greek Chicken
Enjoy this simple slow cooked meal. Slow cooking allows the oregano and garlic to work its magic!
Greek Chicken Salad Calories: 442 Greek Chicken Salad
Enjoy the crunch and flavors of this traditional favorite. Great for dinner or for lunch!
Greek Pita Calories: 249 Greek Pita
A taste of the Meditereanean and flavors you can't miss make this pita satisfying and delicious!
Showing Results 1 - 12 of 37 for Greek/Mediterranean Recipes
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