Exercise is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. Improve your knowledge of different exercises with Diet.com's library of 100+ video exercise demos. Browse our exercises below by target zone or exercise title. You'll learn how to perform each exercise correctly, under the instruction of a certified personal trainer. And check out how you can combine any of these exercises into a full workout, using our Diet.com Workout Builder.


Target Zone

Alternating Lunge with Ball Twist Combo
Ball Pass Combo
Bird Dog Combo
Bird Dog on Exercise Ball Combo
Bridge Combo
Bridge 'n Curl Combo
Bridge with Exercise Ball Combo
Bridge with Leg Adduction Combo
Chest Press with Exercise Ball Combo
Curl 'n Press Combo
Dead Lift Upright Row Combo
Double Leg Lift with Exercise Ball Combo
Exercise Ball Reverse Crunch Combo
Plank Glute Kick Back Combo
Plank Knee To Elbow Combo
Plank Row Combo
Plank Row with Dumbbells Combo
Plank to Push Up Combo
Plank with Body Twist Combo
Plank with Exercise Ball Combo
Plank with Hands on Exercise Ball Combo
Plank with Weighted Body Twist Combo
Push Up with Row Combo
Pushup with Exercise Ball Toe Tuck Combo
Reverse Woodchop Squat with Dumbbell Combo
Reverse Woodchop Squat with Exercise Ball Combo
Side Double Leg Lifts Combo
Single Leg Bridge 'n Curl on Exercise Ball Combo
Single Leg Bridge on Exercise Ball Combo
Single Leg Kickbacks Combo
Single Leg Row Combo
Single Leg Squat with Lateral Raise Combo
Sit Up with Tricep Extension Combo
Squat with Bicep Curl Combo
Squat~Curl 'n Press Combo
Static Lunge with Bicep Curl Combo
Static Lunge with Shoulders Press Combo
Tricep Extension on Exercise Ball Combo
Triceps Pull Over on Exercise Ball Combo
V-Sit Twist with Overhead Extension Combo
V-Sit with Overhead Extension Combo
Walking Lunge with Ball Twist Combo
Walking Lunge with Bicep Curl Combo
Walking Lunge with Weighted Twist Combo
Alternating Superman Core
Back Extension on Exercise Ball Core
Ball Plank Roll Out Core
Bicycle Crunch Core
Crunches on Exercise Ball Core
Crunches on Exercise Ball with Dumbbell Core
Deadlift Core
Double Crunch Core
Dynamic Side Plank Core
Hip Lifts on Exericse Ball Core
Modified Dynamic Side Plank Core
Modified Plank Core
Modified Plank on Exercise Ball Core
Plank Core
Plank Pike Up Core
Plank Upper Body March Core
Reverse Crunch Core
Reverse Crunch with Leg Lifts Core
Side Crunches with Exercise Ball Core
Side Knee Drops Core
Sit Up with Arms Across Chest Core
Static Side Plank Core
The Jackknife Core
The Scorpion Core
V-Sit Crunch with Dumbbell Twist Core
V-Sit Twist 'n Reach Core
V-Sit with DumbbellsTwist Core
Alternating Forward Lunge Lower
Deadlift with Dumbbells Lower
Hip Lifts on Exercise Ball Lower
Inner Thigh Extensions with Exercise Ball Lower
Modified Side Lunge Lower
Single Leg Deadlift Lower
Single Leg Hip Lifts Lower
Single Leg Squat Lower
Single Leg Squat Lower
Squat with Dumbbells Lower
Sumo Squat Lower
Sumo Squat with Dumbbells Lower
The Airplane Lower
Walking Lunge Lower
Weighted Calf Raises Lower
Weighted Side Lunge Lower
Alternating Chest Fly on Exercise Ball Upper
Alternating Chest Press on Exercise Ball Upper
Back Extension Squeeze Upper
Bent Over Rear Fly Upper
Bent Over Row Upper
Bent Over Row with Tricep Kickbacks Upper
Bicep Curl Upper
Bicep Curl with Exercise Ball Incline Upper
Chest Fly with Exericse Ball Upper
Close Grip Chest Press Upper
Cross Body Bicep Curl Upper
Deltoid Fly Upper
Deltoid Raise Upper
Dive Bomber Pushups Upper
Incline Chest Press with Exercise Ball Upper
Lateral Raise Upper
Overhead Press Upper
Overhead Triceps Extension Upper
Rear Fly on Exercise Ball Upper
Single Arm Bicep Curl Upper
Tricep KickBacks Upper
Upright Row Upper

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