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Red Beans and Rice Recipe - User Review
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Recipe: Red Beans and Rice Apr 6, 2006
Needs some spicin` up
Reviewed By: Diet.com Member
This recipe can easily be improved without impacting the calorie count too heavily. For one, I substituted 4 cups of the total water with 4 cups of vegetarian vegetable broth (if you`re watching your sodium, go for low-salt).It makes the beans take a bit longer to soften (about 20 extra minutes), but it gives the dish a lot more flavor. Also, to the spices I added a tsp. of crushed cayenne pepper and a tsp. of dried chipotle pepper. Emeril Lagasse also makes a spice rub that has a Cajun theme, which I added nearly a tablespoon of. I topped it off with some Tabasco Garlic sauce, and it was delicious! Obviously my version makes it much more spicy, but you could add curries or some milder hot sauce/crushed peppers to get the same flavor with less heat. Also, one time I tried adding some chopped-up, cooked chicken hot dogs (the chicken hot dogs are much lower in fat and calories than regular). I recommend broiling or grilling the dogs, to get a smokier taste. That addition was a HUGE hit, and really completed the
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