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Healthy Choices
  • Chapati (unleavened bread, griddle-cooked)
  • Naan (leavened bread)
  • Steamed Basmati rice
  • Chicken Tikka (marinated in yogurt and roasted)
  • Tandoori chicken, fish or seafood (marinated in yogurt and cooked in a clay oven)
  • Vegetable Pilau (basmati rice and veggies)
  • Curries: Chicken Jalferzi or Vindaloo
  • Lentils or Dal (chickpeas)
  • Gosht Vindaloo (beef or lamb with potatoes)
  • Matar Pulao (rice with peas)
  • Chicken or shrimp kabob
  • Lower-fat cue words: takki (pan-roasted), tandoori (clay oven roasted), saag (with spinach), masala, matta (peas), paneer (soft cheese made from low-fat milk)


  • Indian curry dishes are different than Thai curries.  Indian curry is a signature spice of Indian cuisine.  Sometimes Indian curry is combined with tomatoes or veggies (low-fat) and other times it is combined with Indian cream to make a rich creamy sauce (high-fat).  Ask!
  • Ask not to add extra cream to dishes.
  • Ask to leave extra oil off of the Naan bread.
  • Higher-fat cue words: ghee (clarified butter), poori (fried bread), coconut milk .