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Healthy Choices

  • Chicken chop suey or chicken with vegetables
  • Beef with broccoli (but ask for half as much beef and more broccoli)
  • Hot and sour soup
  • Hunan chicken, shrimp or tofu
  • Shrimp or chicken with garlic sauce
  • Chicken in black bean sauce
  • Szechuan chicken or shrimp
  • Shrimp with snow peas
  • Vegetable deluxe
  • Family style bean curd (tofu & veggies)
  • Steamed fish
  • Steamed dim sum
  • Steamed vegetable dumplings
  • Steamed veggies
  • Steamed Rice
  • Lychee fruit
  • Fortune cookies
  • Low-fat cue words: Jum (poached), Chu (boiled), Kow (roasted)


  • Most Chinese dishes are stir-fried.  Request very little oil and focus on lean meats and the more veggies the better!  Skip eggplant here, it absorbs a lot of oil.
  • Order steamed rice instead of noodle dishes (lots of oil) or fried rice.
  • Order one side of steamed veggies in addition to your favorite dish and mix at least half the veggies in with a small portion of your favorite.
  • Ask how the meat or tofu is prepared; often it is breaded and fried in oil.  Ask that it not come breaded or fried.
  • Chinese dishes are typically high in sodium.  Skip the extra soy sauce or hoisin sauce.
  • If you are sensitive to MSG, ask for no MSG.
  • Look for healthful alternatives such as brown rice or a “light or diet” menu.
  • Save some for tomorrow’s lunch!