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Healthy Choices

  • Jerk chicken
  • Look for mixed seafood and spicy shrimp
  • Stew peas and rice (comes with seasoned pork, beef and kidney beans)
  • Boiled callaloo (amaranth- grain)
  • Callaloo soup
  • Vegetable Roti
  • Plain rice
  • Escoveitch fish
  • Ackee or saltfish (lower in fat but high in sodium)
  • Boiled yams or sweet potatoes
  • Roasted breadfruit
  • Cornmeal porridge
  • Boiled green bananas


  • Most callaloo dishes are best avoided as they contain salt pork and coconut milk.
  • Many rice and bean or pea dishes contain coconut milk- ask!
  • If you see scotch bonnet peppers listed as an ingredient, beware!  They are very very hot peppers, eat with caution.