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Witches Brew Cider
Witches Brew Cider

Category: Holiday Dish | Serves: 8

(690 ratings)

Nutrition Information:
Calories: 68
Protein: 0 g
Carbs: 17 g
Fat: 0 g
Saturated Fat: 0 g
Sodium: 34 mg
Fiber: 0 g

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Traditional apple cider can be high in sugar and calories, but not this recipe! Enjoy cup to stay warm or bring some to the Halloween party.
8 cups unsweetened apple cider
3 cinnamon sticks
tsp whole cloves
teaspoon ground allspice
zest of an orange
1 Pour cider into a crockpot and add spices and zest.
2 Heat and let steep for one hour to let flavors meld.

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(690 ratings)
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