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Agua Fresca de Pepin (Blended Cucumber and Lime Drink) - Dietitian's Choice Recipe
Agua Fresca de Pepin (Blended Cucumber and Lime Drink) - Dietitian's Choice Recipe

Category: Beverage | Serves: 4

(120 ratings)

Nutrition Information:
Calories: 86
Protein: 2 g
Carbs: 21 g
Fat: 0 g
Saturated Fat: 0 g
Sodium: 5 mg
Fiber: 2 g

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Cucumber and lime combined with water is the ultimate refresher! You'll feel like you're at a day spa. Skip the sugar for a low-cal option.
3 quarts water
3 cucumbers, peeled and chopped
1/2 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
1/4 cup sugar
Crushed ice (optional)
Slice of lime for garnish (optional)
1 Pour 1/2 cup of the water and 1 cup of the cucumbers in blender. Blend until cucumbers are pureed then add more cucumbers and water until all cucumbers are pureed.
2 Using a fine-mesh sieve, strain cucumbers into a pitcher to remove seeds and pulp. Stir in remaining water, lime juice and sugar.
3 Chill before serving over crushed ice garnished with a slice of lime and mint sprig.

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(120 ratings)
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Reviewed By: Diet.com Member
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Nov 18, 2023
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Reviewed By: markodiet
And that was one of the reasons why I was seeing 555 when thinking of someone close to my heart like my family or crush.
Oct 27, 2023
Reviewed By: sarausa
This is a very healthy drink. driving directions
Oct 26, 2023
Amazing recipe.
Reviewed By: tinaroof
I can enjoy this drink while playing online games. It is tasty. I is suitable for hot summer
Oct 19, 2023
Perfect for a hot summer day
Reviewed By:
I dont know what to say about this drink other than to say it reminds me of a cucmber mojito without the booze. it is ...
May 30, 2011
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