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Many of us associate exercise with the gym. However, there are plenty of ways for you to get fit without spending hours at the gym or running around your neighborhood. In fact, you can exercise without changing your lifestyle at all.

Our bodies burn calories without us even knowing. When we sleep, as we clean our home and even while we are watching television, our bodies are constantly at work. By adding just a few new moves into your daily schedule, you can get an inexpensive workout without ever having to set foot in a gym.

Here are five easy exercises that will get you fit in minutes a day:

1) Invest in exercise bands. These are large elastic bands that come in different resistance levels. They are easy to use, light weight and they can be easily stored in a draw or a in a suitcase for when you travel.

2) Act like a kid again! Buy a hula hoop to burn some extra calories. Or if you are really adventurous buy a game of twister to work on your flexibility! Exercise can be fun and can be enjoyed by your whole family!

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3) Dance when no one or everyone is watching! Play your favorite music and dance around the house without inhibitions. It will not only burn extra calories, but you will have fun in the process!

4) Improvise to tone! A gallon of milk can be a great free weight! Use it for bicep curls or hold it with both hands and do some squats. Pillows also work well as punching bags. You may feel silly, but youíll feel the burn! Be careful while performing these exercises or any exercises.

5) Wall pushups are a great way to tone your arms when you donít have the room to do a standard push up. Just move your feet about two feet away from bare wall and place your hands against the wall even with your shoulders. Now press down so your elbows bend and your face gets closer to the wall. Than push up back to your original position. This is a great exercise that works your triceps and biceps.

So, there you have it. Fun and easy ways to add a little exercise to our daily lives!

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