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Why sit inside like a slug in your air conditioned home when the sun is calling your name? The summer months are meant to be enjoyed outdoors. Luckily, if you are looking to get in shape and lose some weight, there are numerous outdoor activities that burn some serious calories while you are getting fresh air:

1. Go for a hike… a hike doesn’t have to be defined as scaling a steep mountainside. It can be climbing a local hill or walking along a babbling brook. Hiking not only allows you to get in touch with nature and enjoy beautiful scenery, it gets your heart rate up and can burn around 450 calories for 60 minutes of exercise.

2. Get your Nikes on… I’m not saying you should pull a Forrest Gump and run from coast to coast, but a nice 20-minute jog around the neighborhood will work your cardiovascular system and burn around 240 calories.

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3. Hit the links! Golfing is a leisurely activity that you probably wouldn’t realize burns around 280 calories per hour. And you get a sweet golf tan.

4.Get out your helmet and pedal your way into shape. Feel the cool summer breeze and burn around 235 calories for a 30 minute bike ride.

5. If it’s simply too hot and humid out for you to hike, bike, or jog, get to an ocean, lake, or swimming pool. Swimming and frolicking in the water cools you off, but burns around 450 calories for 45 minutes of activity.

6. Lastly, and this is my favorite hidden calorie-burning gem: washing your car! Skip the car wash… this outdoor activity can burn around 330 calories for an hour of scrubbing, rinsing, and polishing that ride!

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