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Whether you are creating a vitamin-rich smoothie or a protein-filled sandwich, the right appliances can give you faster and more delicious meals.

Are you uncertain which appliances would work for your kitchen? To help you get started here is a list of five appliances that will help save your diet and save you time!

1) A blender is probably one of the most versatile appliances available. From mixing a great smoothie, to creating a delicious protein shake, a blender is a necessity in any kitchen!

2) The George Foreman Grill is one of the most convenient and easy-to-use appliances on the market. Cooking chicken, steak, or even fish is made simple with this grill. The George Foreman Grill also reduces the fat found in most meat by draining it while it cooks.

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3) A juicer is a great investment for any dieter. Whether you are looking for a burst of vitamins in the morning with some orange juice, or a cool glass of lemonade on a hot day; a juicer can make it for you. By squeezing the juice yourself, you are eliminating unhealthy preservatives and all the added sugar that store-bought juice contains.

4) A vegetable steamer will help keep you healthy. Steamed vegetables are not only low in calories and high in fiber, they are also one of the most delicious ways to get your daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals. A steamer is a great addition to any kitchen. Unlike frying or grilling your vegetables, steaming them helps preserve their nutrients.

5) A water purifier is the best way to resist all those sugary soft drinks. A water purifier is also a great way to save money on bottled water. A water purifying pitcher, which can be kept cold in your refrigerator, makes getting
clean water even easier. Try adding slices of lemon in the pitcher for a subtle touch of great flavor!

If you are looking for less expensive alternatives, here are five items that should be kitchen staples for anyone on a diet!

1) Apple corer/slicers are great for making perfect apple slices for a fun fruit snack.

2) Portion plates are a disposable and affordable ways to control how much you are consuming.

3) Chopsticks are a great alternative to forks and knives, since they are harder to use and force us to consume smaller portions slower.

4) Ice trays in fun shapes are one of the cheapest and effective dieting secrets. Add some orange or grape juice instead of water to the trays for a sweet and satisfying frozen snack!

5) Zip lock bags are a great way to visualize your portions. Instead of eating cereal straight from the box, divide the portion sizes up in zip lock bags ahead of time so you don’t unknowingly overindulge.

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