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Camping is a great way to break away from daily chores and enjoy nature, but it can also mean indulging in lots of food you normally wouldn’t on a daily basis. You can still indulge but why not make most of your camp-style meals healthy and keep the indulging to a minimum? This way, you’ll walk away feeling good about the weekend and hopefully have gotten in some hiking too!

Healthy Camping Tools & Tips

  • Portable gas grills: double the fun, these grills work as your backyard grill and travel to parties, camping and special events!

  • Vegetable grill baskets: these nifty baskets sit on top of the grill and deliver the same smoky grilled flavor without the sticking or falling of veggies. Try a mix of red bell peppers, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, onions and zucchini. Works well for veggie burgers that crumble or tofu too!

  • Meat thermometer: safe outdoor cooking is essential! Check your meat, pork and poultry for proper internal temperatures. Cook chicken breast to 170, ground meat or poultry to 165, fresh beef to 160-170 and fresh pork to 170.

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  • Try sodium-free marinades. Mrs. Dash marinades pack a powerful flavor punch without sodium.

  • Choose lean cuts of meat such as chicken breast, fish, seafood, pork tenderloin, flank steak or sirloin or extra lean ground turkey or beef.

  • Go veggie and try soy burgers, bean burgers, tempeh, tofu veggie dogs.

  • Choose turkey or chicken dogs or lean beef hot dogs over regular varieties. Don’t forget to check the nutrition label and compare to find the one lowest in fat, saturated fat and sodium.

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