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Do you consider yourself a short order cook – preparing one meal for yourself and another for your kids? Just because you are trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you need to eat special foods. There are plenty of healthy foods that you and your family can enjoy! And, did you know that families who eat together, eat better? We’ve put together some tips that will please the whole crowd.

1) Remember, mom (or dad) gets to decide what, when, and where to eat while kids get to decide how much!

2) Get the whole family involved in planning – for example, let your kids choose a meal or two each week. If you need help modifying a recipe, post it in the Rate My Plate board – almost any recipe can be made healthier!

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3) Picky eaters in the house? Serve one or two veggie dishes and let them decide what to try. Serve veggies in fun ways by cutting them in different shapes or serving them with dips!

4) Make shopping and cooking fun! Let your kids pick out there favorite color fruit or veggie at the store and let them help you prepare the meal. When they feel in control, they are more likely to try new foods.

5) Have theme nights such as Potato Bar, Tostada Bar, or Salad Bar night!

6) Keep in mind that kids do like healthy foods! Sometimes we assume they don’t so we don’t offer healthy foods. The truth is, when exposed to different foods, kids will try them.

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