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Do you ever find yourself consuming unhealthy snacks while at work? Whether you indulge in some desktop candy or take hourly trips to the vending machines, your workday snacking may be why youÂ’re not losing weight.

Unhealthy snacks may seem appealing at the time since many are convenient, affordable, and readily available. However, there are healthy snacks you can try that are not only delicious but just as accessible and satisfying. To help you switch from those high fat, sugary treats, here are five healthy workplace-friendly snacks that will keep you going strong all day long:

1) Try packing a single serving of fat-free pudding and add some graham cracker crumbs. This snack is great for conquering your sweet tooth while also providing extra fiber to keep you full!

2) Celery and/or carrots sticks with light string cheese work great for fast and convenient mid-day snacks. Plus with this snack combination you are getting a daily serving of vegetables and calcium!

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3) Saturated-fat free microwave popcorn is a great and light snack for in between meetings.

Light popcorn is delicious and also provides you with lots of fiber so you will feel satisfied longer. Adding some light butter spray and a touch of chili powder or cinnamon can add some pop to your popcorn!

4) Trail mix is a great addition to your work day! The combination of fruits like dried bananas, cranberries, and raisins in trail mix works great as a vitamin booster. Also, the variety of nuts such as almonds, peanuts, and cashews give you a healthy dose of protein.

5) To help boost your calcium intake while you snack, try some light Yoplait yogurt with some Fiber One cereal mixed in. The high fiber content will keep you feeling full longer. These great snack choices will help you stay focused, alert, and full as you go about your day. Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day so you do not mistake thirst for hunger. Whether you are busy working at your desk, or running daily errands, these snacks are great alternatives to unhealthy workplace junk food! For more snack options visit's recipe page!

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