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Fight Off Your Mate Weight: Dieting for CouplesBe smart and stay aware of your own need and wants. The excuse “eating for two” doesn’t apply to couples!

Here are ten valuable tips on how you can establish your own eating habits in order to reach your personal goals:

1) Slow down your eating by paying attention to not preloading your fork. What I mean is finish what's on your fork and put the fork down between bites instead of having your preloading fork waiting for you before you even finished your last bite.

2) Picture a new plate. Remember how a picnic plate would have 3 compartments, 1 large and 2 small? From now on, I want you to fill that plate differently. Fill the largest compartment with vegetables, salads and fruit and then place your meat or protein portion and starch to the smaller nooks. This way you fill up on lower calorie and higher fiber foods.

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3) Start reading food labels and measuring the portions of foods you typically overeat which may be cold cereal, a glass of wine, baked chips or pasta. Just a few days of measuring your portions will make you more portion savvy.

4) Use already portion controlled foods such as 100 calorie snack packs, portion controlled meal replacement bars or Lean Cuisine frozen dinners. These will help train your eyes and stomach regarding what constitutes a normal portion.

5) This is enough for you to get started. You may also want to consider taking regular walks with your partner as a way to start being more active together. Use these walks to talk about how you want to eat healthier and lose weight and you need his support.

6) Many take out restaurants offer a “light” side of the menu, with healthier options. You can still order take out with your partner, just find healthier choices on the menu.

7) When you go to a movie, do not order the upsized value deal popcorn. You may end up getting a large popcorn that is meant for five people and splitting it between the two of you. Instead either share a small popcorn or get a small popcorn for each of you (this also allows you to control how much butter and salt you put on top!).

8) Do not ignore your hunger just because your partner is not hungry. By eating when you are hungry you can help prevent yourself from overeating later.

9) Let your spouse set aside a personal kitchen cabinet for his sweet treats that you find too tempting to keep in the home. This way, you don’t have to keep staring at his candy bars.

10) Once a week, spend time cooking a healthy meal together while being open to try new foods and recipes.

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