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Don’t cut yourself short! Here are five important, healthy practices you should maintain.

Five Healthy Habits You Shouldn't Cut Short 1) Hit the snooze. I can’t stress enough how important a sound, restful night of sleep is. Waking up feeling refreshed will help you stay alert and improve your mood, memory, and overall well-being. If you’ve become an early riser to exercise before work, make sure you go to sleep early the night before. Exercising on only a few hours of sleep will leave you physically and mentally drained!

2) Learn to love breakfast. (If you don’t already do, that is!) Eat breakfast every day to start your morning off right. As important as getting enough sleep is, eating breakfast gives you energy to stay alert and move throughout the day. It also jumpstarts your metabolism so your body can start burning off that energy instead of trying to conserve it. For a satisfying breakfast, try having a single serving of whole grain cereal in the morning with nonfat milk and a piece of fruit!

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3) Move those legs. Walking daily is an easy way to stay active and burn calories. It’s also one of the easiest ways to integrate exercise into everyday activities! Choose the stairs over the elevator. Walk to the store instead of driving. Visit your co-workers down the hall instead of sending them an email! Keep your legs moving on your way to your fitness goals.

4) Indulge in a hobby. Maintain hobbies that relax you and bring you happiness during your busy week! Whether your hobby is a sport or stamp collecting, hobbies are a great way to eliminate stress. Being stressed and overwhelmed can lead to falling off one’s diet or exercise regime. Avoid this by enjoying what you love and pursuing your interests.

5) Keep social contacts. Maintaining relationships with people is important for your overall well-being. Having people you can talk to gives you a circle of support for practical everyday activities and intimate, emotional situations. Bring new people into your life by joining different volunteer opportunities or a new class. Find a weight loss buddy to help you stay motivated as you participate in the Weight Loss Challenge!

All of these habits are essential for achieving a healthy lifestyle. Soothe your body and mind by allowing yourself enough time to maintain these practices! You’ll feel stronger and more energetic both mentally and physically. During the Spring Ahead! Weight Loss Challenge, that’s just what you need to reach your weight loss goals!

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