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Should you change your meal for variety’s sake, or is it okay to stick to that food routine? Trying to lose weight while keeping up life’s busy schedule is difficult enough, so when you find a healthy meal that’s great tasting, satisfying, and easy to prepare, stick with it! It might actually be your secret weapon to dieting success.

Here are some reasons why:

1) It keeps you on track. Once you’ve found that perfect healthy meal, figure out just what nutrients and how many calories you’re getting. Then when you’re tracking your progress later during the week, you’ll always be in control of your calorie intake, and you’ll know what you need more or less of for the rest of the day!

2) The more variety of foods to choose from, the more people eat! Think of how much people often eat at buffets. With so much to choose from, you may want to sample it all, and you can end up overeating! While having options to choose from is certainly good, those struggling with their diets may find it helpful to stick with a meal once they find a healthy one that is easy to prepare, fills them up, and keeps them happy.

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3) Even if your mantra is “variety is the spice of life,” you can still reap the benefits of healthy diet habits by adding a few simple changes here and there to your main meal that you love so much. Consider breakfast, for instance. You love hot cereal in the morning, like oatmeal. Change what you add on top. From golden raisins, to craisins, to fresh banana slices, you can keep it interesting while not drastically changing the meal you know and love.

4) Healthy habits don’t stop with main meals. In fact, it’s great to jump into a habit with healthy snacks because this is where people usually fall off track! Find a snack you absolutely love. Low fat cottage cheese and fresh raspberries. Apple slices and low-fat cheese. Stick to your healthy snack to keep you from those unhealthy options out there, such as potato chips, or that slice of cake sitting in the office lounge.

It’s important to remember that whether or not you keep that healthy diet habit, you get your daily recommended servings of the basic food groups! Try to find meals that have a healthy balance of what you need. Whole grains, protein, and something with filling power like fresh vegetables or fruits.

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