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Believe it or not, buying healthy foods can save you money! However, you still need to apply good shopping sense. We’ve put together some tips to help you save money at the store and stay on track.

1) Plan your meals and make a list!

2) Shop wisely: shop when it’s not busy, don’t go hungry, make one trip per week and shop alone (no kids to coax you into buying treats!).

3) Pay attention to unit pricing and product placement. Items at eye level are generally more expensive.

4) Buy fresh produce in season – it costs less and tastes better.

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5) Plan vegetarian based meals using beans – beans are much cheaper than meat and are filling and nutrient packed too!

6) Make your own frozen meals – make recipes from scratch in larger batches and freeze the extras in small containers.

7) Cut down on packaged foods such as soda, chips, cookies and bakery items. They can add to your waistline and drain your bank account! Try baking your own treats from scratch and stock up on fresh fruits and veggies for snacking.

8) Make your own soups and salad dressings – you can make them low-fat and low sodium.

9) Put off grocery shopping for a day or two – this will force you to use what’s on hand. You might find this is when your creativity shines!

10) Pack your own lunch – a sandwich from the deli can add up to $8.00. A sandwich from home will cost much less. When making dinner, plan for leftovers that can be used at lunch. For example, use roasted chicken from dinner to make a chicken salad sandwich at lunch.

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