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Get ready to do a little spring cleaning, starting with your diet! We’ve gathered some easy tips on what to get rid of and what to add, along with other fun ideas for getting you and your kitchen ready for spring. Check it out!

1) Take inventory – do you see tempting foods lurking in your cupboards? Go ahead and toss or donate them!

2) Organize! It’s much easier to prepare healthy meals when you can see and easily grab the necessary ingredients. Try grouping your canned foods according to type, place pasta, rice and other grains together and group healthy snack foods together.

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3) Ditch the trans fat! Read ingredient labels for “partially hydrogenated” oils. If you spy this unhealthy ingredient, consider tossing the item.

4) Add “Superfoods!” Certain foods take the prize when it comes to nutrition. Stock your cupboards and refrigerator with black beans, blueberries, wild salmon, sweet potatoes, almonds, oranges and spinach.

5) Look for portion controlled options. Portion controlled chips and cookies make it easy to “indulge” while keeping fat and calories in check. Look for 100-calorie packages of your favorite treat! Or, make your own portion controlled versions using snack-sized Ziploc baggies.

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