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Do the winter months challenge even your best of intentions when it comes to working out? If so, we understand! It can be hard to stay motivated when the elements of winter are working against you. However, it is possible to stick with your workout goals. We’ve put together 10 tips to keep you moving!

1) Don’t hide in baggy clothes! If you’re all covered up in baggy clothes, chances are you’ll feel less motivated to workout. Wear your favorite pair of jeans or form-fitting Lycra workout pants, or an outfit you feel fabulous in – it will remind you of the goals you are working towards.

2) Work out in the morning – as the day goes on, things can come up that leave exercise as an afterthought and pushed off until another day.

3) Tell yourself that you’ll workout even if you don’t feel like it. More than likely, after you start moving, you’ll keep moving. If after 10 minutes you still don’t feel up to it, tell yourself you can stop. Remember to do what you like.

4) Get outside if the sun is shining (even if it’s cold!). A little sunshine can do your mind and body good during the winter. The benefit – a mental and body energy boost. Just dress for the occasion if it’s cold, wear dri fit pants, a fleece jacket, gloves and hat – you can always peel off layers if you’re hot.

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5) Is it raining or snowing? Use those days to try a new exercise video such as kickboxing, yoga, or pilates.

6) Can’t afford gym membership? Check your local community center or college for affordable exercise classes. If the weather is bad, you still have options!

7) Find a workout buddy. You get the drift, relying on a friend will make it easier to get moving when it dark and dreary outside!

8) Use work time as an opportunity. Squeeze in 3 10 minute sessions of walking – use the stairs, walk during lunch, and walk immediately after work.

9) Search the paper for used equipment. Treadmills, bikes, and elliptical machines often become clothes hangers for many people! New and affordable equipment is out there waiting for a good home.

10) Hire a personal trainer. A little accountability and motivation may be just what you need during the winter!

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