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With the weather changing and the smell of spring in the air, spring is the perfect time to sharpen your focus on your weight loss program.

Before you know it, you’ll be shedding your layers of winter clothing, bearing your arms and gearing up for lighter clothing.
let spring motivate your diet
Let spring motivate you to get serious about staying on that healthy weight loss track. Here are some tips to guide you:

1. Befriend your scale. Do you have a scale you step on each and every day to help you stay on track? If not, maybe it’s time to buy a scale and put it in a place where you’ll really use it. Some of you may have an old scale at home that you don’t use. Daily weighing is something that takes just a few seconds of your time but the return on your time investment is completely worth it. Knowing your daily weight reading will give you the extra motivation you need to better plan your daily diet and exercise program.

2. Cut calories. If you continue to eat the same types of meals and snacks, don’t expect to see your weight change much. To lose weight, you need to take a detailed look at the calories you consume and be creative about making cuts where necessary. The goal is to make changes you won’t really notice and won’t make you feel like you’re depriving yourself. Examples include measuring your cold cereal each morning and sticking to the one cup (not 2 cup) serving size, changing your weeknight beverage from a glass of wine to water (knowing you can still enjoy a glass of wine on the weekends) and substituting fruits or veggies for you typical snack of chips or pretzels. The calories you save from making these small changes can add up to pounds lost on the scale.

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3. Step outside. As the temperature is rising and the snow is melting, you can start to plan ways to increase your outdoor activities. Examples include walking your dog longer before or after work, taking a brisk walk outdoors during a work or lunch break or spending time with your spouse or friend walking in a park on the weekend. Breathing the fresh air will help you enjoy nature as we say goodbye to winter.

4. Commit to spring cleaning. Spring is the perfect time to inventory your kitchen and clean out your refrigerator and cupboards so you can have an easier time following your healthy weight loss plan. When you open your fridge do you see fresh fruits and vegetables along with eggs, low fat yogurt and cottage cheese? Are your cupboards filled with oatmeal, high fiber cold cereals, nuts, dried fruit, popcorn, canned beans, soup and tuna fish? If instead, you’re seeing more potato chips, cookies, candies and other high calorie processed foods, now’s the time to switch things up. Healthier foods need to make it into your kitchen before they have a chance to make it to your stomach.

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