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Though it's true that metabolism slows as we age, it's a myth to think you have no control over speeding it up.

And don't think you have to turn to supplements or fad diets to give your metabolism and weight loss program the boost it needs.

Boost Your MetabolismInstead, commit to nourishing your body regularly and living a healthy, active lifestyle to help fight the loss of muscle mass that occurs with age.

Here are some tips to guide you:

1. Donít skip meals, especially breakfast. Did you know that people who skip breakfast tend to weigh more and have more weight problems than people who eat breakfast regularly each and every day? Yes, itís a fallacy that by skipping meals and severely restricting your calories you will help yourself slim down faster. Actually, being a meal skipper just slows your metabolism, which makes it harder to lose those extra pounds.

2. Plan snacks into your daily diet. Again, eating regular meals and planned snacks (calorie controlled, of course) will keep your metabolism revved up. Think about adding two planned snacks (100-200 calories each) into your daily diet. This will keep your hunger at bay and keep you feeling more satisfied too. For more quick and easy snack ideas, check out the Meals in Minutes guide.

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3. Donít resist resistance training. When it comes to losing weight, you want to do a combined program of aerobics and resistance training. Resistance wonít cause you to develop bulky muscles but it will help you maintain your muscle mass as you age. And since muscle burns more calories than fat, this also helps your metabolism. If you need some resistance training exercise tips, check out the Workout Builder tool.

4. Limit sitting time. If youíre like many, you may find yourself sitting a lot during the day whether youíre staring at the computer, driving your car or working at your desk. Commit to taking regular breaks every hour where you can stretch and walk. Wearing a pedometer can help motivate you to take more steps during the course of your normal dayís routine. Enlist the support of family members or work colleagues by having a pedometer challenge to see who can take more steps week to week. More activity translates into more calories burned and a higher metabolism.

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