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Diet frustrations can be common either after a bad weekend of overeating, eating too much take out or just not having time to plan and cook those healthy meals.

Avoiding Diet FrustrationHow you deal with these frustrations can either make or break your weight loss program.

Here are some tips to guide you:

1. Look at the big picture. Nutrition experts know that your diet quality is made of many choices that occur over weeks and months. A longterm healthy weight loss program is not about having to be perfect all the time; it’s about balancing out the worst days with some better ones. As time goes on you’ll gain more control and see that overall you will have better days – and weeks.

2. Focus on the positive. Rather than focus on all you did wrong with your diet, this is the time to remind yourself of the things you did right. Maybe you did eat a lot of take out, but you can congratulate yourself for not supersizing your meal. And maybe you did blow your diet this weekend, but you still drank lots of water. Don’t paint your entire diet with the same brush!

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3. Start tracking. You may be scared to get on that scale after a bad week or weekend but the truth is, the sooner you weigh yourself, the sooner you can have a reality check. If your weight is up a bit, that’s just a good reminder that you need to re-assess your weight loss strategies. If you're someone who struggles with portions, you may want to measure your foods for a few days while those who do a lot of snacking may want to go back to tracking their snack calories. Not very active? You may want to start wearing your pedometer again while workout-skippers may want to start scheduling workout appointments with themselves in their calendars.

4. Ask for help. Sometimes you may need help processing just what happened when you lost control. Reaching out to a buddy will remind you that you don’t need to go it alone. More than likely your buddy will be able to help shed light on your overeating episode. Did you not have a plan in place before going to the party? Were you with some friends who tend to sabotage your best efforts? Did you actually not do as bad as you thought? Check in with someone and ask for help!

I hope these four tips will help you deal better with the inevitable diet frustrations that all dieters feel now and then.

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