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Your healthy weight loss program will be easier to stick to if you are accountable to someone or something.

Accountability will give you the needed support to keep your motivation high even if the going gets tough.

In contrast, when you go it alone, it’s just too easy to push your new healthy habits aside and fall back into your old behavior patterns that initially widened your waistline. provides you many options for being held accountable. Here are some examples:

1. Be a blogger. We’ve known for a long time that people who write about their weight loss journey gain valuable insight. Writing about your diet struggles and successes on a regular basis will help you uncover important issues that you may have been ignoring. Commit to being a regular weekly blogger on Use this time to reflect on how you’ve been doing as you share your story with other dieters.

2. Take the Challenge. The Weight Loss Challenges offer you a built-in accountability forum. Participate in the Challenge weekly and enjoy the support of your fellow diet buddies and community support leaders. As you follow along with the weekly topics and post comments on the message boards, you should feel more empowered to follow through with your healthy weight loss program. Stay tuned for the date of the next Weight Loss Challenge.

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3. Try new recipes. In your efforts to eat healthier and lose weight, why not try a new recipe on a regular basis? Before your weekly grocery shopping trip, commit to finding a few new recipes to try. Add those ingredients to your list and you will be well on your way to improving your diet.

I hope these four tips will give you more ways to be accountable and increase your success losing weight.

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