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Many of us compare our successes and failures to others and we end up losing sight of our own needs and wants. It is important to set realistic goals that complement your body and lifestyle.

Don't Race to Lose WeightThinking positively can make you feel and look better. So let’s try to cut out the negative talk and start feeding our bodies a healthy dose of encouragement and support! Here are a few examples of negative talk that may be preventing you from reaching your goals:

1) Stop cutting out pictures of skinny celebrities that you aspire to look like. Not only are those pictures air-brushed, these celebrities are paid to be that fit and have personal trainers and personal chefs. Try looking at pictures of yourself and pick out the things you admire about the wonderful person you are!

2) Do not complain - “I am not as thin as my sister.” You are not in a competition and your body is not identical to someone just because you are related. By putting your body down you are not going to make the pounds come off any quicker.

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3) Do not measure your self worth by a number on a scale. Celebrity Nicole Ritchie once said “Scales are so 1980’s.” Although she may not be an expert on diet and health she does have a point. Pounds simply are not a reliable way to measure your weight loss progress, since muscle and your body type play a large role in how you look.

4) Do not give up fun activities like going to the beach or to a party because you are feeling “fat.” You cannot let your weight make you miss out on a good time. Stress is a main reason many people have trouble following a diet. By having a good time, you can actually start losing weight!

5) Do not think that being thin equals being loved. You are not defined by your body shape and other people do not love you because you are an acceptable size. Do you only love people who are thin? I didn’t think so. Try not to underestimate yourself or other people’s opinions of you. You have a lot to offer and you do not owe anybody a thinner version of you!

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