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Are those late night dinner parties setting you back on your diet? The good news is you do not need to boycott all social events in order to lose weight.

Tips on How to Party without the GuiltHere are ten easy-to-follow tips to prevent your social life from sabotaging your diet:

1. Limit yourself to one alcoholic drink that you may decide to enjoy with your meal. Before the meal, ask for seltzer or sparkling water with a lime.

2. Don't go to these evening celebrations famished. Make sure you've had a light snack (a piece of light string cheese and some wheat crackers, for example) before you get there. This way, you won't feel as tempted by the nuts in bowls and other snack foods.

3. If you want some snack foods, take one helping and put on a napkin or on your plate; eat slowly and enjoy.

4. Talk to 1 or 2 friends before going out and get their ok to share an entree and then maybe each get your own salad.

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5. Drink plenty of water while you are sitting around talking with friends. It will fill you up and can be dressed up with a twist of lemon!

6. Bring chewing gum with you. It will keep you from snacking and it will keep your breath fresh during those friendly conversations.

7. Have an idea ahead of time of what you are going to eat. If you know you are going to a bar with lots of snack foods, allow yourself three handfuls of peanuts, pretzels, etc. a night.

8. Keep yourself talking and laughing. By not focusing on the food around you, you will be less likely to eat out of boredom!

9. If you are going to be meeting up with close friends, suggest going to a restaurant that has low fat/calorie options.

10. Write yourself a reminder of your goal and keep it in your wallet or purse. By seeing your goal in writing, you may be less likely to give into temptation.

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