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Here are four great-tasting, healthy foods the whole family can enjoy while you participate in one of our Weight Loss Challenges:

1) The hamburger is one of the first meals your family might cling to when they think you're going to go "health nut" on them with your new diet. Good news: the burger can stay. To make your burger better for your family's health, start with using extra-lean meat and switching to whole grain buns. Try grilling your burger rather than pan-frying to eliminate extra fatty oil and grease. Finally, slip in some veggies for some extra nutrients. Tomato and lettuce are great standards, but you can even add something unexpected, like pineapple slices! The family might be pleasantly surprised.

2) Macaroni and cheese is a staple meal on the menus of families everywhere. This popular food doesn't have to be high in fat anymore! If you're making your own mac 'n cheese, there are plenty of great-tasting non-fat or low-fat cheeses to choose from, such as Cabot 75% Less Fat Light. Also, make sure to buy whole wheat pasta. Try a new shape of pasta for a fun change, or even multi-colored pasta! Mix in some frozen peas to the dish and the family will agree, it still tastes great!

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3) Pizza is always popular, especially with kids. Have fun with your family making your own healthy pizza, so you control the size and what toppings to include! Use a whole wheat crust and load the pizza with inventive toppings. Try lean meats like grilled chicken bites on your pizza, instead of sausage. Top with a colorful assortment of vegetables for a delicious, satisfying and healthy meal. If you don't have time to make your own, most pizza companies are offering whole wheat crusts, so you should have no trouble spotting them at the supermarket.

4) Do morning meals at your home drag you down with loads of calories and fat? Prepare some delicious breakfast burritos your whole family will love. Scramble an egg and add some low-fat cheddar cheese, some diced tomatoes, fresh spinach, and a little cilantro. How about black beans for some more protein?! Top with a little salsa and put everything inside a whole wheat tortilla for a flavor-filled, easy meal.

These are all delicious ways to make the foods your family loves even better and a lot healthier. When you participate in a Weight Loss Challenge, neither you nor your family has to suffer with boring, flavorless foods. Not to sound too cliche, but your healthy diet really can be "delicious and nutritious!"

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