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Instead of beating yourself up about those pounds you can’t lose, congratulate yourself for being able to maintain the weight you have already lost. Your body is letting you know that it is able stabilize at your current weight.

The process of losing weight literally has lots of ups and downs. It can take some time for your body to start shedding the pounds again, but do not give up! A big part of losing weight is learning how your body works.

Here are five tips to help you revive your weight loss:

1) Shake up your normal exercise routine. Add some new types of exercises and do resistance training. By changing things up you are preventing your body from getting too comfortable with your current workout pattern.

2) Control your food calories. Spend 3 days in each of the next few weeks eating portion controlled meals 2 times per day using meal replacement bars and frozen meals. This may help give you the kick you need to push past that plateau.

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3) Do not rely only on your scale. Your progress should not be measured only by pounds. Taking your measurements can be helpful in determining if you are losing inches.

4) Stop comparing yourself to others. You may feel that you are at a standstill with your weight loss because you notice your friend losing weight at a faster pace then you. It is not a race and it is important to keep motivated and remind yourself that if you keep working on it, you will reach your goal when your body is ready.

5) Don’t allow yourself to feel defeated. If you become discouraged you may find yourself reaching for food or skipping workouts because you are not seeing quick results. This will not only prevent you from losing more weight, but you will begin to gain back the weight you have already successfully lost. Just prepare for your weight loss plateau and push yourself to keep going!

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