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It can be especially difficult to control your eating when you are in social
situations, like at an event, a party, or a family dinner. With so much food,
it’s hard to really pay attention to how much you are actually consuming. You
may be surprised with how many extra calories are in that bread basket, or in
that large piece of chocolate cake. Not to say that you shouldn’t have these
foods, but it’s important to understand the importance of moderation. Allowing
yourself one treat will do the trick, but much like an addiction, that one treat
may make you want more.

Here are some easy-to-follow solutions that will put you back
in control of your diet:

1) Start a food diary. Write down what, when, and why you ate. Then rate how
hungry you were. By keeping a food diary, you can become better aware of how much
you are actually taking in.

2) Plan ahead. When you go to into a social situation with a game plan, it will
be easier to avoid the high-calorie foods. Think of some healthier alternatives
and allow yourself treats in moderation. If you are going to a dinner party, tell
yourself that you will take extra vegetables to help fill you up. Also, make sure
you take the time to enjoy the food you already have before asking for seconds.

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3) Don’t leave your house hungry. Going to a party on an empty stomach may not be
the best idea. You may end up consuming more food than you realize. Not only will
this sabotage your diet, it may also make you feel too full to enjoy yourself!

4) Learn to control your portions. Try using a smaller plate or bowl, instead of
a large dinner plate. If you are still hungry you can go for seconds, but allow
yourself time to digest.

5) Stay away from mindless munching. Commit to not munching on chips or candy that are usually around at events and parties. Instead, keep a glass of water with you during conversations. Instead of reaching into a bowl of chips or candy, you can take sips of water to help satisfy you.

Thinking ahead and staying aware of what you eat are key to controlling what you
consume. These tips will help you get started, but it is up to you to follow through!

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