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At we hear a lot about the struggles that you have with dieting. One of the very biggest concerns we hear from you is that it can be really tricky to maintain your healthy diet and lifestyle once the weekend hits. If you’ve been finding it hard to stick to the script on Saturday and Sunday, read on for 5 tips to ensure your diet doesn’t take a break on the weekends.

1. Weekend activities. The only important place not open all weekend is the bank. So invest some time in free time. Enjoy a little hiking, walking the dogs, playing with kids- all the fun things that you can’t squeeze in Monday through Friday.

2. “I deserve to be able to cheat on the weekends!” What you’re really saying is that you’ve been so good all week you deserve to spoil your hard work this weekend. Is that what you want? If you feel like you deserve something special for the hard week of strides you’ve made, consider treating yourself to something other than bad foods. There are far better ways to pat yourself on the back than by ruining your diet!

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3. Just want to relax? It sounds tempting to lounge on the weekends. Do sweatpants and a couch equal relaxation for you? How about going for a nice scenic walk instead and following it up with a hot bubble bath? Relaxing doesn’t have to involve inactivity!

4. Weekends a blur? Perhaps your weekends aren’t as luxurious and relaxing as we’re making them out to be. Do Saturday and Sunday mean racing around, squeezing in errands, bringing the kids to activities or finishing homework assignments? If this sounds more like your weekend, then the key for you will be planning ahead. Plan out healthy snacks or meals in advance and stay one step ahead of your hectic weekend!

5. Eat breakfast. The 9-to-5 routine can completely interfere with your weekday plans to eat a healthy breakfast. But if you’re freed from that 9a.m. appointment with Johnny Job on the weekends, then take the time to treat yourself to a breakfast that will jumpstart your day.

Remember, a diet shouldn’t be a fad or a temporary mindset. It’s your lifestyle that you are changing, and your lifestyle doesn’t brake on the weekends! So this Friday night, when you’re thinking about how you’ll spend your next couple of days, keep these tips in mind and come Monday, it’ll be all right!

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