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Winter days sure can feel cold and dreary. Sometimes all you want to do is grab a hot drink or a plate of gooey, cheesy casserole and park yourself in front of the fireplace and TV. Fight the urge to splurge on those empty, nasty, unhealthy calories.

Instead, revel in the warmth and comfort you really crave with a steaming bowl of really good soup! Campbell’s said it best: Soup is good food. Just be sure you don’t get bowled over with too much sodium for a single sitting.

Now, pull up a chair and tuck in your bib -- here are today’s top 5 ways to soup up your diet!

1. Orange Alert: Carrot and Butternut Squash Soup! Carrots, leeks and butternut squash meld together for a great veggie-packed, nutrient-rich soup. provides you with the healthy recipe for this cup o’ beta-carotene! Add a bowl to your lunch or dinner, and feel the fullness!

2. Viva la Difference! Forget what you’ve heard about the horrible nutrition linked with French Onion Soup. You’ve probably never heard a single healthy word uttered about this soup with its topping of bread and cheese. But our scrumptious version is indeed healthy!

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3. Soup SHAZAM! Zesty Black Bean Soup packs a full-flavor punch! Start your meal off with this flavorful, fiber-filled black bean soup. Or, enjoy a cup as a mid-afternoon snack. There is no wrong time to indulge!

4. Low-Sodium Soups can come in cans! You can be doing everything right for your diet – eating fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meats, exercising regularly… But did you know that if you’re still consuming too much sodium then you may be hindering your progress? A lot of canned soups profess to be low fat or low calorie. But sodium can sneak up on you. Make certain you’re choosing a low-sodium option. Progresso makes a hearty Reduced Sodium Chicken Noodle!

5. Soup on the Run! You don’t need a stovetop to enjoy a nice hot serving of soup. Cart a Campbell’s Reduced Sodium Soup-At-Hand canister with you to work for a quick, easy and filling lunch. Add a side salad to it, and you’ve got a yummy lunch that will cost you FAR fewer calories than a Big Mac or Quizno’s sub.

Now that we’ve spoon-fed you the skinny on soups, get to slurpin’! Make these simple, steaming soups a part of your season, and you can be sure that you won’t be giving you diet the cold shoulder!

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