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PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION |’s vibrant online community is an amazing source of support and motivation. Folks like you who are serious about their diet love the option of being accountable to like-minded peers. But a surefire path to success is knowing how to monitor your own actions and to HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE!

So, are you ready to increase your likelihood of weight-loss success by keeping a keen eye on yourself? Good! Now follow these tips for smarter self-monitoring.

1. Food diary. users have discovered countless ways to make themselves accountable for their daily food choices. Whether you use the Meal Tracker to input your daily meals or host your own Food Diary in your blog, the benefit of realizing precisely what you’re putting into your body is invaluable.

2. Activity diary. Keeping a diary of your day-to-day activities will keep you focused on burning calories. You should be doing at least 30 minutes to an hour of activity daily. So log what you’re doing, on your own or in our handy Exercise Tracker, and make sure you note the intensity of the activity.

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3. Measuring up. Tracking your measurements is a great way to gauge your progress. When you take your measurements, wear the same clothing every time for more accurate results.

4. All or nothing! Record when you did things AND when you didn’t. Provide your reason (excuse!) for not doing your task or for eating something you shouldn’t have. Our Daily Diary is a great place to make note of these things.

5. Write it right. Be honest with yourself. This isn’t chemistry class when you can cheat on your homework and walk away with a good grade. This is your body, your life! The teacher grading this assignment is YOU. And the assignment is your health. Cheating yourself is not going to earn you an A. So make sure everything you write, you’re writing it RIGHT.

As nice as it can be to have your peers in the community as your caring companions, it’s important to know how to watch out for yourself. You probably have habits you aren’t even aware of, but once you start monitoring yourself appropriately, these habits (good AND bad) will jump right out at you! Follow these tips on self-monitoring and you’ll be keeping your watchful eye on the prize!

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