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It's important to find the RIGHT weight loss buddy for you. You may be best friends, but are you best DIET friends? The qualities you look for in one shouldn't necessarily be the qualities you look for in the other.

1. What do YOU need? Find someone who’ll give it to you. Do you need a drill sergeant? Enlist a buddy who’ll be adamant about keeping you motivated. Need someone to pat you on the back when you’ve done well? Pal with a patter. Making sure you can give one another the right kind of support is vital to the success of your dieting partnership.

2. Pay attention! Make sure you and your diet buddy are accessible to one another and can give each other the attention you both need. Buddying-up won’t do any good if you’re on opposite schedules and can never communicate. You may as well ask a goldfish to be your buddy. Or your reflection.

3. Keep it fresh. One problem with traditional diets is that they can get boring. Will your diet buddy keep your creative juices flowing? Are they going to bring something new and exciting to the table (no pun intended)? If your diet buddy is going to keep you in a rut, move on!

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4. Spread the love. Make sure your buddy is open to your support. Sometimes it’s just as important to give support as it is to receive it. Lending support and encouragement to others benefits YOU too, instilling a sense of self-worth as you reach out to someone else in need.

While it is important to find support on your weight loss journey, it will be a fruitless search if you’re not finding the right kind of support. Keep these tips in mind when you’re on the lookout for a dieting buddy and you and your partner will be buddying UP while your weight comes DOWN.

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