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One of the reasons why members love is the encouragement that it provides. It’s always easier to achieve your goals for a healthy lifestyle when you have the support of people who care. Here are 5 easy tips to creating a team for yourself.

1. Grab a friend you can trust. Not just a friend you can trust with confidentiality, if that’s your deal. But also a friend you can trust to stay motivated and not back out of the journey to success that you’ve embarked on together. It’s hard to be motivated by someone who doesn’t stick with things. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, as they say. So make sure the links of your weight loss team are strong!

2. Share your goals with one another. Come up with a goal every week. Whether it’s a certain number of pounds you want to lose or an amount of time you want to spend exercising that week, let your weight loss buddy know. This will keep you motivated in the respect that you are making yourself accountable now.

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3. Team Grocery Shopping! OK, so you don’t have to wear sweatbands and matching shirts in the supermarket, but shopping with your “teammate” will guarantee that you can have more fun while reading all those food labels together. With you and your buddy keeping a watchful eye on one another, grocery shopping can successfully set up a week of healthy at-home eating.

4. Share recipes. This doubles (!) the amount of healthy recipes you have in your repertoire. And cooking is always more fun when you’ve got someone to swap delicious and healthy recipes with. If your buddy isn’t a member of, impress him or her by sharing any of the 1000+ healthy recipes we have available in our Recipes section.

5. Reward yourselves for reaching small goals. Part of the joy of working in a team is sharing success! Shared victory can be a great incentive. Go out for a healthy dinner together. Reward yourselves with a spa day. Treat yourself for treating yourself well!

You may feel alone in your struggle for a healthy lifestyle, but having a buddy takes the loneliness out of losing weight. Build your own weight loss team and say goodbye to lonely and uninspiring dieting.

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