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January isn’t just a time for New Year’s Resolutions. It's also a great time to get moving on your diet and fitness plans for the rest of the year. Here are some tips for making this January your Jumpstart point for the rest of 2008.

1. Join a gym in January. Tons of gyms have beginning of the year specials that reduce their membership fees by a significant amount. This makes January a great time to join a gym. Curves, for example,
saves new members 30% off their service fee
if they join in the beginning of January! Doing yourself this favor at the beginning of the year will mean you’ll be able to see the results of your cost-efficient gym time all year long.

2. Use your Gift Cards for good, not evil. If you’re anything like me, you’ve no doubt just received at least a couple of gift cards this holiday season. How about using those plastic dollars on some goodies that will better your health and fitness? Treat yourself to some new running shoes or a heart rate monitor.

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3. Equipment is on sale! Home exercise equipment can get expensive. But there are websites and stores everywhere that are rolling out the Sales tags right now on everything from ellipticals to treadmills to BOSU balls! Snag these goodies while they are hot and you won’t be regretting it later in the year when their prices have tripled!

4. Don’t forget – it’s winter. Maybe you’ve forgotten, since the past month and a half has been completely overrun by holidays, but it is winter. Take up snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, both of which can be a very relaxing workout. If you’ve been too overwhelmed by the holidays to take advantage of the season, now is the time to go outside and play! And taking up a new winter activity now means you’ll have months of playing ahead of you before the snow is gone!

January is the first month of the year for a reason – it’s the best month to get things started! Use January as your Jumpstart month and the rest of the year will thank you. Good luck and Happy New Year from!

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