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New Year’s resolutions have gotten a bad rap throughout the years as being a bit of a joke. Many of us are better at thinking up resolutions than actually sticking to them. Here are some resolution tips for making your New Year a successful one.

1. Charitable exercise. You can feel good about yourself and help out a local cause by participating in benefit walks/runs throughout the year. Why let our sense of charity end with the holidays? Let’s carry our generosity into the New Year. Burning calories, building muscle memory, and raising money and awareness for causes is multi-tasking at its finest.

2. Sign up for a new fitness class. What about trying tai chi, Zumba, spinning, yoga, Barre, rock-climbing, or racquetball? Your New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be the same old “go to the gym more frequently, cut down on chocolate sweets.” So resolve to make it something different and exciting this year!

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3. Start keeping a daily food journal. Check out the newest design of’s Meal Tracker, which allows you to search for up to 95,000 food entries (up from 7,000) without ever navigating away from the page!!! Keeping track of what you consume is a huge step in realizing what changes you need to make towards a healthier lifestyle this year, and our Meal Tracker now makes it easier than ever to calculate the Calories, Fat, Carbs and Protein in the foods you are eating each day.

4. Keep a water bottle at your hip. Resolve to carry a water bottle with you during the day- and refill it frequently. Sigg has a line of stylish and eco-friendly 33-ounce aluminum water bottles, making it easy to get in your 8 recommended daily servings of water-- not to mention save the earth a little-- this year. It makes hydration simple, so grab yourself a bottle and drink up!

It can be easy to make meaningful lifestyle changes, and to stick to them, if you’re serious about your resolutions. Change old habits and replace them with new, healthy ones! Good luck and Happy New Year from!

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