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Here are 4 healthy and delicious holiday treat ideas to satisfy anyone’s sweet-tooth.

1. Healthy Hot Cocoa –Make your own antioxidant-rich Hot Cocoa at home, which isn’t full of sugar or whole milk like most Hot Chocolates you can buy. Combine non-fat milk, a dash of sugar, unsweetened baking cocoa and your favorite spices, like nutmeg or cinnamon to make a decadent holiday drink!

2. Light Popcorn and Cranberries – This classic combo can be used to decorate the tree or satisfy your Holiday treat craving. Go for light popcorn instead of regular buttered popcorn to cut calories. Try separating this snack into individual portion-controlled baggies for an on-the-go treat.

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3. Warmed fruits not only look pretty, but taste pretty good, too! Try peeled apples on a pie plate tossed with cinnamon, and sprinkled with oats. Drizzle a bit of sugar-free syrup on top and warm up in the microwave until the apples are tender. Get the specific recipe in the Recipe section.

4. Whip up some meringues for the next Holiday get-together. Meringues are desserts made with whipped egg whites – they’re light, fluffy, and wonderfully sweet. Add meringue mixture on top of different fruits and bake for awhile for an impressive, low-calorie dessert.

Making your own healthy Holiday treats is a great way to stay on track with your diet while having fun with your family and getting into the festive spirit! Be sure to share desserts with family and friends shortly after you make them so they don’t sit around the kitchen tempting you. When baking desserts, take steps such as reducing sugar and butter whenever possible or using alternatives like unsweetened applesauce and you’ll make any treat healthier and more diet-friendly.

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