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Studies have shown that the more variety of dishes and selections you have on your table, the more food people eat. That's because no one wants to miss out on something yummy, so it's common to want to taste everything. But instead of taking little tastes, we tend to pile the different foods on our plate, and we end up overeating.

Here are five helpful tips to give you a head start on hosting a healthy holiday dinner:

1) Have less variety of the higher calorie potato dishes, and more variety of the lower calorie and healthier vegetable side dishes.

2) Serve your normal fare, but make healthier versions of some of your old favorite recipes. Our Registered Dietitian is available for Premium Members in the Rate My Plate message board where she can help you makeover some of your recipes.

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3) Make smaller portions of the higher calorie dishes which will mean that your guests will take less instead of overindulging.

4) Serve the potato dishes from smaller serving platters to help your guests to not overdo their portions.

5) If a healthy dinner seems too difficult, try lightening up dessert. Swirl layers of fat free chocolate pudding, light cool whip, and bananas for an enticing and healthy parfait dessert.

You can make small changes to your holiday meals without having to give up holiday fun!

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