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There is something comforting about a hot bowl of soup when the weather turns chilly! Soup can make a great healthy starter, snack or filling meal. Check out these great tips to make soup a part of your healthy meal planning!

From the Soup Bowl

• Low-fat soups such as broth based soups with veggies and beans can help fill you up at meals leading you to eat fewer calories overall! Studies have shown that high volume foods such as broth-based soups can help fill you up on fewer calories. You can thank soup’s high water and fiber content!
• Soup can be incredibly easy to make. Keep low-sodium broth, no salt added canned tomatoes, frozen vegetables and lower sodium beans stocked in the cupboard for quick assembly.
• Soup recipes generally make a lot – perfect for leftovers. And, if you won’t use leftovers right away, soups freeze well!
• Making your own soup is cheaper than buying canned soups and can also be much healthier.
• Break out the crockpot! Just throw in the ingredients and the let the crockpot do the rest of the work. See our incredibly easy recipe idea in this issue.
• Soup is portable too! Just transfer hot soup into a Thermos and you have lunch for the next day.
• Have a hankering for creamy soups? Submit your recipes in the Rate My Plate board and I will help you make them over. Or, if you are looking for lower-fat recipe, I can help with that too!

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