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Staying on track during the Holiday season is a challenge for dieters everywhere. Here are six tips to staying on track to your weight loss goals during Holiday feasts!

1. Put pre-dinner snacks on smaller plates. It’s OK to snack before the big meal, but prevent yourself from over-snacking by putting your munchies on a small plate rather than reaching right into the chip bowl. You’ll be more aware of just how much you’re eating.

2. Worried that there are only unhealthy snacks to munch on? Bring a healthy option for the whole party to enjoy. Try arranging your own vegetable or fruit tray with a low-fat dip. Bringing your own healthy snack will help you stray from greasier, high-calorie options.

3. During the main meal, put your fork down between bites. It’s easy to eat too quickly and become overstuffed during dinner, but slowing down to savor each bite will give your brain more time to recognize when you’re full.

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4. Skip seconds. Try taking smaller portions of your favorite dishes so you can still enjoy all those culinary creations without hundreds of added calories.

5. Take a walk before and after dinner with your family. The Holidays are about spending time with loved ones after all. Find ways to be active together with your friends and family and burn extra calories at the same time.

6. Split dessert with a friend or two. It’s okay to indulge, but indulging with a friend will help you moderate your portions.

Follow these six simple tips this Thanksgiving so that the only thing stuffed this season is the turkey, not you! Being conscious of portions and making healthy choices will keep you on track during the Holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!

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