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A typical Thanksgiving meal can contain thousands of calories, sometimes more than you need in an entire day! Realistically we will consume more than usual, however, it is possible to still feel energized after dinner and good about your choices the next day. If you do overdo it, don’t give up, just start right back on your eating and exercise plan. This week you will find tips on portion control, recipe modifications and a Thanksgiving menu!

• You’ve heard it before – don’t “save” up for the big meal by skimping on meals earlier in the day. You will inevitably eat faster and more because you are hungry. Enjoy a balanced breakfast and lunch or snack beforehand.
• If your food choices seem endless, take a small sample of items you rarely indulge in. For example, skip the chips and dip and stick with a special once a year item instead of having both.
• Lighten up dishes. Modifications to cut calories, fat and sodium are easy and tasty. Stay tuned for tips this week on how to modify your favorite dishes.
• Even though your table may look like a buffet, don’t treat it as all you can eat. Consider your options before filling your plate – load up on veggies first and take the foods your truly want to try. Try to take “one trip” only!

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• Make a choice to limit high fat items. Casseroles are often high fat thanks to their creamy sauces, cheese, fried onions and butter. If you can’t control how they are prepared, limit portions. Just a taste might do!
• Monitor sides. Side dishes can add up, so limit portions and choose lower-fat sides when you can.
• Get outdoors! Take a walk with the family and enjoy the Fall colors, participate in a “Turkey Trot” or challenge the family for a game of flag football.
• Send leftovers with guests. Who doesn’t want a homemade turkey dinner in their freezer? Pack up small meals that guests can take home and freeze for later.

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