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Here are 5 easy pre-Holiday steps to keep yourself on track and prepared, no matter what temptations come your way!

1) Keep your Fall workout fresh. Change your exercise routine or substitute one move for a new one this season to prevent getting stuck in a rut. Substitute your usual crunches for crunches on a stability ball or bent-leg knee raises. (Check out's animated workout demos and video exercise demos for moves like these!) Add weights to your lunges or step on a BOSU to increase intensity. Bump up your resistance levels on cardio machines to keep challenging your body (and burning more calories)!

2) Indulge in dessert, just a little. Enjoying delicious desserts is inevitably part of the Holiday season! Rather than trying to cut yourself off to avoid gaining, have your cake and eat it too. Having just a little bit of dessert like a piece of dark chocolate can signal that the meal is over.

3) Become a portion-control master! Purchase new food storage containers big enough for single servings so that when the big Holiday finally comes, you’re prepared for all those delicious leftovers. Learn how to estimate approximate serving sizes. A medium potato is about the size of a computer mouse. Three ounces of turkey compares to the size of a deck of cards.

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4) Eat breakfast each morning, including the morning of a big Holiday dinner to prevent overeating later on. Find a whole-grain breakfast cereal you love or try a piece of fresh fruit with low-fat yogurt.

5) Count calories and compensate. Stay conscious of the amount of calories you consume each day and keep track using your Meal Tracker. If you know you’re going to be consuming more calories than usual (whether you’re going out to eat, to a holiday party, etc.) compensate by eating lighter meals during the day or adding in extra exercise to burn calories.

Prepare for the Holiday season and all its many diet-busting temptations by developing healthy habits early on. These five tips can help you build your dieting confidence and let you focus on enjoying time with friends and family.

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