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Many dieters understand the meaning of “after-meal guilt.” Whether you ate too
much junk food during the weekend, or you had an unhealthy dinner one night, do
not beat yourself up over it. The guiltier you feel, the more stressed you allow
yourself to get, causing you to lose control of your diet more quickly.

It is important to separate who you are from how much you weigh. Too many
people use their scale to determine their self worth. This is not only unhealthy,
but it’s also counterproductive. To get rid of the guilt and to help you lose
weight, you need to start loving the person you are, not the size you fit into.

Here are five tips to help you keep your chin up and your weight down:

1) Plan your meals ahead of time to help stay in control. This will help prevent
those sleepless nights of worrying about the bad food choices you made and how
much weight you gained because of it.

2) Try getting in the habit of going to for a walk after you eat. Walking isn’t
just a great way to burn a few extra calories; it can also be a great way to get
rid of stress.

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3) Do not weigh yourself constantly throughout the day. Most of us will fluctuate
throughout the day, and especially right after we eat. You may feel like you gained
five pounds by eating that junk food, but the odds are you’re just full and should
give your body time to settle before beating yourself up with guilt.

4) Stop eating when you are no longer hungry. A reason many people feel stuffed
after they eat is because they “cleaned their plate.” You are not obligated to
eat everything in front of you. You should only eat until you feel satisfied not

5) Keep a food journal of what you eat and any emotions that precipitated eating.
By making the correlation between eating and your emotions, you can learn how to
break the connection that ties them together. You should not look to food to make
you feel better or happy, and should not allow food to make you feel bad or guilty.
Despite how you may feel, you are not what you eat!

Diet slip-ups are so common; we all have them! The key to being successful in losing weight is picking yourself up, and re-focusing your program.

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