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Here are four important strategies to regulating your weight and keeping the pounds off:

1) Weigh yourself at least once a week and record each weigh-in. Many clinicians recommend doing daily weigh-ins to monitor your progress closely and stay accountable so you can catch weight-gain before it sneaks back on. Use your Weight Tracker to input your daily weight readings and get a graph of your progress.

2) Have a plan if the pounds start to creep on. Before you throw in the towel on your weight loss, understand that weight fluctuates up and down and that gaining or losing a few pounds is normal. If your weight goes up by 3-5 pounds, take it as a "warning" that you might be drifting back to old habits. Make adjustments and refocus. Trade an hour of TV watching or internet surfing for an at-home workout or a walk around the neighborhood. Go through your fridge and clear it of those unhealthy snacks that sneaked their way in!

3) Seek support from your diet buddies. It can certainly be discouraging to see the scale go up when it should be going down. Instead of getting down on yourself, seek out your diet buddies for encouragement and help. Agree with your buddy to do a weekly check-in of each other’s progress and try joining an exercise class together. Meet two times a week to walk or run for 20 minutes. You’ll have fun getting fit and spending time together!

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4) Reward yourself for sticking to new healthy habits. Building new healthy habits takes time and is difficult for many dieters. Keep the momentum on your weight loss going by rewarding yourself each time you reach your mini-goals. Buy yourself a new pair of running shoes or treat yourself to a massage!

The next time your scale reading goes too high, take these four strategies into consideration to help you get back on track with your weight loss goals! Regulating your weight and monitoring your progress will keep you from turning a minor weight lapse into total collapse. With some practice, determination, and a positive attitude, you’ll be on your way to success in no time!

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