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1) Go for more beans to stay full longer. Beans are packed with fiber and protein, but best of all, there are so many delicious kinds of beans to choose from. Add black beans or pinto beans to burritos or on top of salads. Canned beans are convenient and already cooked. Just rinse, heat, and serve!

2) Start with a salad before dinner. Fill up on vegetables before your main course so you won’t overeat on the higher-calorie options later on. Instead, save the rest of your meal in a container for lunch the next day.

3) Pick whole fruits over fruit juices. An 8oz serving of fruit juice tends to carry a lot more calories than whole fruit. Plus, fruit juices often have added sugars and other ingredients. Instead, carry whole fruit with you for an instant portion-controlled low-cal snack.

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4) Eat regularly. Studies have shown that people who eat regular meals and snacks do a better job managing their diet choices because they don’t let their hunger get out of control.

5) Give yourself extra time at the table before you go back for more. Just an extra minute might make you recognize you’re not as hungry as you thought you were. Portion control is a common problem for dieters, and taking simple steps like eating slowly or waiting after you finish your plate can make a huge difference!

Starting a new diet can seem daunting at first. As you work your way through the first week of a new diet, track your progress with your diet by using our Meal Tracker ( and writing about your progress in a Blog ( Good luck with reaching your fitness and weight loss goals!

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