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To really succeed on your diet plan, you need to commit to your goals, especially around the holidays when friends and families gather to celebrate around big meals, and even bigger desserts!

Take Control of Food During Holiday SeasonYou need an Anti Food-Pusher Plan in place to help you. Here are 5 tips to help you pull through a holiday season of food pushers:

1) Contact the family members you're most concerned about and talk to them privately before the holiday. Tell them about the healthy lifestyle changes you are making, and that you would like their support by not "pushing" you to keep tasting their rich food.

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2) You can be polite and take a small amount of the dishes that your family worked hard on cooking - just know that a few tastes may be all you need.

3) Focus on engaging and talking to family members about fun, neutral non-food topics like the dancing with the stars finale so that the focus during the meal gets off of the meal.

4) Practice saying “no thank you.” Be prepared when the food pushers want you to
take just 1 more piece of pie by saying "no thanks" and moving on quickly to another topic of conversation.

5) Find someone in your family (even a young niece or nephew) who thinks it would be cool to take an after dinner walk around the neighborhood before dessert. This will energize you and help you to stay on program.

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