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Making healthy choices during the Holidays can be difficult for even the strictest of dieters. Between all the buttery desserts and flavorful favorites, eating right may seem impossible when you’ve got limited healthy options. So what are the best food choices to make during the Holidays?

Here are five healthy options to help you navigate holiday feasts:

1)Choose white, skinless turkey meat rather than dark meat with skin – White meat is the healthier option and is lower in fat, calories, sodium and cholesterol!

2)When it comes to pie, pumpkin’s your best bet, diet-wise! Compared to its high-calorie competitor Pecan Pie (around 500 calories per slice), Pumpkin Pie is a great option under 300 calories. Don’t forget a dollop of fat-free whipped cream!

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3)Cranberries are a classic dish on many Holiday tables. Choose cranberry relish over canned, sweetened cranberry sauce. One cup of canned cranberry sauce contains 400 calories, mostly from sugar. Make homemade cranberry relish with zero-calorie sweeteners like Splenda for a low-cal treat!

4)When reaching for the bread basket, grab a whole wheat roll over a croissant. Croissants are usually made with a lot of butter. A Starbucks Croissant contains 440 calories and 25g fat! Alternatively, a dinner roll has only about 140 calories, and you control the amount of butter that goes on it!

5)Nothing puts you in the Holiday spirit like a festive, hot beverage. Apple Cider trumps Eggnog as a diet-friendly drink. While a cup of Eggnog contains around 350 calories on average, Apple Cider contains only around 130 calories. Spice your cider up with a stick of cinnamon or nutmeg.

While it’s not always easy to stay on track with your diet during the Holidays, being aware of your options and managing portions can help you tremendously. Practice these five tips this season and you’ll be able to celebrate with confidence all the way through New Years!

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