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We’ve put together a Labor Day Weekend Diet Survival Kit with five simple strategies for keeping your diet in check while still enjoying yourself:

1) Discover instant portion control by using a smaller plate at buffet-style meals. The smaller amount of food you’ll take will look larger on the little plate so you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

2) Keep your drinks to one or two glasses to avoid slipping in extra liquid calories. Sugary alcoholic beverages contain high amounts of calories – A Mikes Hard Lemonade has about 240 calories, and a margarita (1 pint) has around 550 calories! Go for a light beer or glass of white wine for fewer calories. Remember to stay hydrated with water, especially if you’ll be out in the sun all day!

3) Barbeques are commonly full of foods high in saturated fat, like burgers, bratwurst, and more. Follow a diet rule that works when you’re dining out at restaurants – fill up on veggies or a salad before your main course and so you won’t overeat on the high-calorie foods.

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4) If you’re heading to a potluck, bring a healthy option that’s a hit at the party and doesn’t send your diet running – try a colorful fruit plate with a dish of non-fat vanilla yogurt for dipping! (For even more healthy ideas, check out’s recipe section with over 1,000 different options!)

5) Get up and play volleyball, badminton, or any other fun yard sport! You’ll burn calories and get your heart pumping a bit. Most importantly though, staying active at the party will take your mind off worrying about your diet and let you have fun with friends instead. If you’re spending time at the beach this weekend, encourage a group of friends to a game of Frisbee or simply a walk along the sand.

However you decide to enjoy the long weekend, remember and use these five strategies to rest easy and help keep holiday weight gain at bay. From all of us at, we wish you a happy and healthy Labor Day!

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