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Back to School Healthy Diet Tips from Diet.comHealthy meals improve concentration, keep energy levels up and help control weight. Make eating healthy a family affair with the following ideas, recipes and tips for busy lifestyles!

Why Pack It?

• According to the National Restaurant Association, about 60% of people consume a commercially prepared lunch at least once a week and almost 25% consume commercially prepared items five or more times per week! Eating out once a week isn’t so bad, but eating out several times a week can make it hard to stick to a healthy diet.
• Busy people are a marketing target for fast food and chain restaurants – this includes working women and men as well as teenagers. Ignore the marketing, make your own decisions and bring your lunch!
• Bringing your own lunch is a sure fire way to eat healthier – doing so will save you calories, sodium, fat, saturated fat, trans fat and help you add fiber, fruits and vegetables to your diet.
• In addition to eating healthier, you will also probably get more done! Traveling to and from the restaurant takes time – just think, you could eat and still have time for noontime walk!

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“Brown Bagging” Tips - Packing a lunch doesn’t have to be a lot of work!

• Make your lunch when you’re making dinner – if you are already prepping and cooking, why not take of lunch too!
• Buy an insulated lunch carrier to keep foods cold and/or hot. This will help with environment too – no bags to throw away or recycle.
• Balance your lunch with whole grains, fruits and veggies and lean protein.
• Utilize leftovers – save that extra chicken for wraps, sandwiches or salads or bring extra soup in a thermos!

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