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Just like on any journey, knowing where you have been is just as important as knowing where you are going. Here are five tips to help guide your diet through the new year:

Map Your Weight Loss Success, Diet Tips1) Pay attention to when you are usually hungry and prepare ahead of time with a healthy snack such as carrot sticks or trail mix.

2) Know your weaknesses. If you know that chocolate is usually the reason you cheat on your diet, than try low calorie or low fat chocolate alternatives. A 100 calorie pack of chocolate chip cookies or a low fat chocolate pudding snack may be good choices to help keep your cravings under control.

3) Pay attention to everything you eat. You may not realize it, but nibbling on the candy in your office throughout the day can be the reason your diet is failing. If you find yourself wanting a snack to nibble on through out the day, plan ahead and pack a baggy of whole grain cereal to help you avoid the unhealthy office snack traps.

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4) Eat throughout the day. Many people try to skip meals thinking it will save them calories. However, it usually only leads to overeating later on. Eating small meals throughout the day keeps your metabolism working at full force. Just make sure that the food you are eating is full of nutrients and not empty calories! Oatmeal is a good choice for a mid-day meal since it is a great source of fiber and will have you feeling full longer.

5) Check out the restaurant ahead of time and know what is on the menu. Luckily, many restaurants are now offering their menus online so you can easily plan a healthier meal. Also, as a Member you have access to a Dining Out Guide which also gives you great tips for dieting while dining out.

If you follow these five steps and map out your success, you are sure to get to your goal this year! Start your diet program today!

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